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We were having a deal with TMF solution Pvt.Ltd. The representative from TMF solution was Chirantan Mukherjee. The deal was about to work on ERP solution project. For that they have asked $1000 as security deposit and on the basis of trust we have deposited it. For that we have signed the agreement. Chirantan Mukherjee has mentioned that this money would be in deposit side so they are not going to take payment but after few days they have taken the money which we came to know before few days ago. We have completed first assignment on ERP but still we have not received any payment from Chirantan Mukherjee. We have tried to contact Chirantan Mukherjee and also TMF solutions Pvt.Ltd's other people but there is no reply from them.

Surprisingly, we came know that the first assignment which we have done, the same assignment was done by other providers as well so Chirantan Mukherjee has given same assignment to each providers in India and collect $1000 as security deposit and run away.

Chirantan Mukherjee's Mobile number is +91-9163677990. Following are the email id which Chirantan Mukherjee was using: - Chirantan Mukherjee

If any body has some idea about this number or about Chirantan Mukherjee then please do let me know.

We need our money back because it is our sweat's money not like the spammer's like Chirantan Mukherjee & TMF Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

We are requesting to all the outsourcing providers that please do not dealt with Chirantan Mukherjee (TMF Solutions Pvt.Ltd. &

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Hello Ken

If you are able to reach this man then please let me know.

i'm from Egypt and this guy has also did the same with me and i paid him a $927 as security deposit.

Ken Armitt

If anybody know about Chirantan Mukherjee (, then please do let us know.

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